About The Film

Snuff Movie is a gothic horror film by British director Bernard Rose. It stars Jeroen Krabbé as a horror filmmaker named Boris Arkadin, whose pregnant wife was brutally murdered by a Manson-like gang of hippy psychopaths during the 1960s. Because of this he has become a recluse, until, several years later, he makes a come-back and invites some actors to a large mansion in the English countryside to ‘audition’ for his new film. But unknown to them they are being filmed by hidden cameras linked to a ‘snuff’ website.


Jeroen Krabbé, Hugo Myatt, Lisa Enos, Teri Harrison, Alastair Mackenzie, Lyndsey Marshal


Directed by Bernard Rose
Produced by Lisa Enos, Donald Kushner, Pierre Spengler, Brad Wyman
Screenplay by Bernard Rose
Cinematography by Bernard Rose
Editing by David Gamble
Music by Nigel Holland, Jake Leopold, Matt Schultz
Production Company: Capitol Films, Enos/Rose Productions, Junction Films
Distributed by Lionsgate
Running Time: 92 minutes
Release Date: August 27, 2005
Country: USA, UK, Romania