About The Film

Frankenstein is a modern-day adaptation of the classic novel by Mary Shelley, set in present day Los Angeles and told entirely from the perspective of the Monster.

The Monster ‘awakes’ in a white room. A perfect adult man, he has no idea who he is, how he got there, or even what he is. He has just suddenly come into consciousness and has as little control over himself and his body as a newborn infant. The Monster is attended to by Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth Frankenstein. They have “made” him in a 3D bioprinter, but he does not know this. He thinks they love him, especially Elizabeth who feeds him and soothes him. The Monster falls in love with Elizabeth and develops a relationship with Victor. One day Victor notices a blemish on the Monster’s face – a small sarcoma has developed…


Carrie-Anne Moss, Xavier Samuel, Danny Huston, Tony Todd


Directed by Bernard Rose
Executive Produced by Christian Angermayer, Avi Lerner
Produced by Gabriela Bacher, Heidi Jo Markel, Jennifer Holliday Morrison
Screenplay by Bernard Rose
Based on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
Cinematography by Candace Higgins, Bernard Rose
Editing by Bernard Rose
Music by Halli Cauthery
Special Effects Makeup by Randy Westgate
Production Company: Summerstorm Entertainment, Bad Badger, Eclectic Pictures
Distributed by Alchemy
Running Time: 90 minutes
Release Date: February 25, 2015
Country: USA


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The Making of Frankenstein