Music Video Details

Artist: Bronski Beat
Song: Why?
Music Video Director: Bernard Rose
Album: The Age Of Consent
Record Label: London Records
Year: 1984

Bronski Beat’s “Why?” music video directed by Bernard Rose opens with Steinbachek and Bronski buying artificial bombs and a small statue of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ in a supermarket. At the checkout, because they are openly gay, the assistant telephones the management to enquire whether they can pay for the items. They are refused. Meanwhile, Jimmy is singing behind a counter of sausages and salamis and seeing the dilemma in progress, starts complaining to the checkout girl. All three are arrested by “the thought police” and made to appear for trial before a puppet court and senile judge (Jimmy’s father in “Smalltown Boy”) The band members are sent to a workhouse. From the workhouse Jimmy rises up into the air and confronts “God”. The workers revolt, and strip the thought police of authority and clothing. The band members are placed on pedestals, before “God” transforms all three of them into statues of salt for their alleged sins.

Ironically, the thought-police actors who arrest the trio are the swimmer / homophobic gang-leader from the “Smalltown Boy” video and “Martin”, a friend of the band whose situation in a gay relationship with a younger man actually inspired the lyrical content of the song. The song is dedicated to the memory of playwright Drew Griffiths, victim of a homophobic murder in 1984.