Boxing Day

International Showcase
(United Kingdom, USA, 2012, 86 mins, DCP)

Directed By: Bernard Rose
Executive Producers: Andrew Orr, Michael Robinson
Producers: Luc Roeg, Naomi Despres
Screenwriter: Bernard Rose
Cinematographer: Bernard Rose
Editor: Bernard Rose
Cast: Danny Huston, Matthew Jacobs
Music: Bernard Rose, Nigel Holland

Bernard Rose’s fascinating update of Leo Tolstoy’s novella Master and Man opens in the Hollywood Hills, where Danny Huston, playing an unscrupulous real estate speculator, discovers that his wife has maxed out all their credit cards. Abandoning his family during the Christmas season, he flies to Denver in a desperate search for foreclosed homes to flip for a quick profit. Driving him from house to house is an equally desperate English chauffeur, whose estranged wife has put a restraining order on him that forbids him to see his kids. The uneasy relationship between the arrogant speculator and his reluctant, embittered driver is at the heart of this tense, edgily funny and beautifully observed story of greed and redemption.

Rose, who made the brilliant cult horror movie Candyman, not only directed but wrote, shot, edited, composed the original music and plays the Schubert piano sonata that underscores this one-of-a-kind movie.